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GO-Biz Initiative

The California Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development’s, GO-Biz Initiative (California Competes Tax Credit)

The California Competes Tax Credit is an income tax credit available to businesses that  want to come to California or stay and grow in California.

  • Available Funding:
  • –          $30 million in fiscal year 2013/2014 
  • –          $150 million in fiscal year 2014/2015
  • –          $200 million in fiscal year 2015/2016 – 2017/2018
  • ** At least 25% of the total amount each fiscal year is reserved for small businesses. 
  • Application Period: For fiscal year 2013-2014, there is one application period that will be open at 9:00 A.M. PST March 19, 2014, and close at midnight PST on April 14, 2014. 


Resources and Information:

  1. California Competes Tax Credit: Application, Information and Updates 
  2. Frequently Asked Questions: California Competes Tax Credit FAQ’s
  3. Memorandum: Notice Regarding California Competes Tax Credit 
  4. Regulations: California Competes Tax Credit Regulations
  5. Workshop: California Competes Tax Credit Workshop Presentation
  6. New California Incentives: California Economic Development Initiative